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Partner with us to unlock our expertise and cutting-edge technology, expanding your customer’s payment choices. From credit and debit cards to mobile and online transactions, we have a wide range of payment solutions to boost your client’s business growth. Fifteen years of industry expertise, commitment to excellence & a proven track record make us a reliable partner for your journey to success. Our win-win referral program ensures  the best service your customers, boosting your business profit.

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eCommerce Platform

With our partnership, you can offer your customers a one-stop commerce platform- that can manage every aspect of their business. You not only expand your customer base but also create a new recurring revenue stream. Diversify your business with our white-label e-commerce platform and offer a robust solution under your branding.

Financial Institution

For financial institutions looking to acquire merchants, we are an ideal partner to help you achieve your goals. With Fifteen years of experience working with financial institutions of all sizes, we understand how to structure profitable and beneficial partnerships.

Software Integration

For businesses seeking to supercharge their platforms with integrated payments, we offer a seamless experience for customers. In today's world, user experience is paramount. With our API integration, your customers can enjoy a smooth and effortless payment experience.

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Why choose Us as your Payment Solutions Partner

With a range of partnership options, unmatched support, and a thriving community, X1 Merchant Services empowers your business's success.
Seamless Experience

Our API integration guarantees your customers the lowest processing rates available, all through a convenient one-stop shop experience that they'll love.

Transparent Pricing

We offer Transparent pricing options, enabling customers to choose between membership-style or cost-plus pricing models. Regardless of the choice, merchants always receive competitive rates.

24/7/365 Merchant Support

A dedicated support team is available 24/7 to answer your queries, regardless of your location in the U.S.

Why choose Us as your Payment Solutions Partner

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